Frequently Asked Questions

Are my answers confidential?

Yes, your answers are collated into a report along with the answers from other people. If you would like to see what a finished report looks like then ask the organiser to show you a sample.

I have previously filled in a questionnaire - why have I received a reminder?

This is because you have not answered all the questions in the questionnaire. It is essential that you answer all the questions including any free text or your response cannot be counted. Feel free to put N/A if you have nothing to say.

I have to give feedback to someone - what is my username / password?

You don't need one. Just click the link in the email and you will go straight to the questionnaire.

I want to change some of my answers - can I do that?

You can provided that the report has not yet been generated. Just click again on the link in your email and you will be taken back to your previous answers. If the report has been generated then you cannot make any further changes.

A lot of the questions are not relevant or I can't answer them - what should I do?

Please take this up with the organiser within your organisation.